Big N Vs. Little N

I'm typically skeptical of blue sneakers. They never look as amazing as you think they're gonna look with dark denim because, when it comes to matching sneakers with pants, contrast always win. But these New Balance 996's seem like they could be an anomaly, mostly because of the tonal color palette and non-blue accents. The fuck is a 996, tho? New Balance is kind of OD with the amount of styles they offer. If you can actually tell this apart from a 574 without looking at the tag then you really need some friends, bro. Let's be real, the only way normal clothing nerds distinguish different New Balances in their head is "Big N" or "Little N".


  • free so

    “…because of the tonal color palette and non-blue accents” i think this is the first time i’ve read a aesthetic claim supported by aesthetic evidence on 4p s/o jake woolf


    C’mon son. The 996 is a classic new balance style people have been fucking with for years. Comme Des Garcons did a distressed grey one 3 years ago. Dont be mad because you’re late to the NB game.