Biggest #Menswear Nerd Of All Time Writes 60 Page Masters Thesis On Tres Bien Shop

Clearly we love to write about menswear, but goddamn, son. Someone at Paris-Sorbonne University just published their Master's thesis paper on one of the greatest online stores: Tres Bien Shop. Part of me wants to tell this dude to just turn down, but how can I? This is completely fucking insane, but also completely fucking incredible. As someone who writes about menswear for a living, I get pretty winded around the 1000 word mark, so really I'm just impressed that anyone can write about a single online store for 60 pages. Le Dawgie, what did your professor say when you pitched them this shit? What did he/she say when they saw a million pictures of Sune? Can you translate this into English real quick though? Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how much work you've got to get done today), none of us here speak French, so we can't even read this.

  • Michele D’Agnillo

    Willing to translate in exchange for a position with Four- Pins

  • kingleeroi

    Toss it to Ms. Lever yo

  • Youssef Haddadi

    this is may be impressive, but according to the French university way of thinking, they try the best they can to theorize the XXI century. Anyway this thesis is not a Manifesto dedicated to Tres bien shop(nerd, hypebeast or hipster thesis), but precisely the analyse of mutation of consumerism regarding menswear through internet and e-stores. Tres bien shop is for him the best example to represent those who instead of searching the best pieces in the nearest neighbourhood try to find the best of contemporary brand that are definitely the modern key of menswear closet. So the pictures of Sune are there only to illustrated the economic and marketing analysis.

  • Ro π

    These are witty words Jake Woolf! Thanks for sharing. I wrote this master thesis in 2012. Although it fell short of meeting French academic standards, I believe it provides legit analysis on menswear in the digital era. I’d be very willing to work on an English translation so if a native speaker is interested, feel free to contact me via Twitter.