Bomber Jacket Survey

Hey guys, guess what? MA-1s ARE STILL FUCKING COOL, especially olive drab ones made by Japanese companies like United Arrows' Beauty & Youth collection. At this point we all probably own at least a strug Alphet Industries bomber, so here's a little bomber jacket survey: What do you guys keep in the sleeve pocket? Pens? Blunts? Blunt wraps? Lighters? Knives? Please don't say you keep blunt wraps in your dope MA-1 sleeves. Blunt wraps are for cheaters. Just buy a White Owl and call it a day.

  • Maison..

    one hitters for days in those sleeves…

  • some_ meat

    I only wear sleeveless bombers so I don’t understand what you’re asking me.

  • colettamiguel

    Condom. It’s been there for a while :(