Breaking Down Guy Fieri’s Nephew’s Instagram

It’s not every day you get an assignment like this. WWD, The Cut, T Magazine, y'all are so jelly of me right now. What is this dream job? Interviewing Kanye? On location high stakes gambling on unicorn fights with Michael Jordan? Nah, son. TRY PERUSING THE INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT OF GUY FIERI'S NEPHEW. Yeah. That Guy Fieri. And, let's be clear, yung Jules Fieri is out here living, spending cash, flossing birthday presents and taking selfies with his bottom bitches. SHIT IS WILD. TROPHIES. Donkey Sauce money long, providing for a whole clique of Fieris. Of course, being the consummate adult I am, I'm taking this opportunity to slanderize what looks to be a 14-year-old’s Instagram account, but not before throwing baby Jules some knowledge 'zerts I think will help him later in life.

  • martytomas

    Did Jules, casually, drop half an n-bomb on slide 4?

  • Holiday Kirk

    I’m about to backhand him through the internet.

    Dont ask me how, just believe in me.

    • connor

      Backhand his lil fuckin mind harder than federer on a tennis ball



    • connor

      is he as bad as his ig makes him look?

  • Wut

    “Ur life is exactly the same as mine except i party with p diddy and talk to drake… haha dont start this nig”

  • stephen

    stay crispy? nice

  • See C

    apparently there’s #levels to spizikes that are probably, no definitely, on sale at finish line, footlocker, AND champs right now

  • William Boyd

    This had me cracking up! Young Jules betta ask somebody… preferrably you lol!

  • Che

    Join the discussion…

  • Che

    I stopped reading after the author dissed creative recs. Fuck you nigga, get a real job where you dont follow 14 yr old boys on if like a creeper

  • Kev

    and now he is private…

    • the man

      man accepted my follow, be he deleted all this ignorant shit.

      • the man

        but* my bad

    • Pompom

      Just let the kid live his life for gods sake this is ridiculous

  • Simran Singh

    He seems pretty broke to me.. he’s posting pictures of money that a person on minimum wage gets…

  • Lock’d up Willy

    “Dont start this nig” i wonder which nig he was tallkin to

  • Me

    Dear four-pins,

    This needs to stop.


    • REGG

      nooo stop best article out there, made me laugh before i go to bed!!!


    This guy Jon Moy seems like the biggest fucking douche bag. Fucking loser dissing a little kid? This guy seems so fucking annoying. You must get no bitches. FUCK four pins, FUCK jon moy. burn in hell with lucifer cock suckers

    • Tyler

      Sup Jules.

    • Jon’s mother

      This “kid” is clearly arrogant, ignorant (see “nig” comment), and, objectively, a douche with poor taste who then flaunts said poor taste. It shouldn’t matter that he’s a teenager, his actions are open to criticism and deserving of such. It’s valiant of you to stand up for the kid, I guess, but he hangs out with P. Diddy so I doubt he needs your support.

  • Tatsu

    If you iron your money, you have some serious priority problems.
    At least have some hundreds. this nigga ironing tens and twenties.

  • Bernie E

    ur such a fucking hater lol. let the kid live his own life and stop judging everything he does. fuck this four pins site

  • TJay



  • 6thCLagniappe

    Guy should be everyone’s hero. He is original, no one else could dye their hair & put their sunglasses on the back of their head like God….. I mean Guy. Anyway, seriously, everyone should frame this article & put it in their kitchen or something

  • Flowerchild

    U are the dumbest person on earth making rude shit about him go follow kim kardashian around and see if shes making any new sex tapes u freak