Breaking Down Men’s Wearhouse Spring/Summer 2014

Yo Men’s Wearhouse, you slippin'. You got rid of the “I guarantee it,” guy and then you style your S/S14 lookbook like this? I mean, I don’t really care. I’ve never ever been inside a Men’s Wearhouse and never had to buy a suit from them, so consider this post as a PSA for all you struggle brand owners and stylists out there. Ima break this "jump-start into a younger, sleeker and more sophisticated direction" shit down look by terrible fucking look.

  • thetrilltroll

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    • WAVY

      Co-sign 100% if you’re sarcastic. Co-sign 300% if you’re not.

      • sharks9022

        It’s like The Kid Mero found the Caps Lock key on his keyboard.

      • OK_ok

        That´s an oxymoron, moron 😉