Breaking Down The Parade Of Nation Uniforms At The Sochi Winter Olympics

Evidently there’s this thing called The Olympics and it started yesterday or something. I don't know. I mean, are you tryna tell me that the IOC didn't know that it's also New York Fashion Week? FUCK YOU TRYNA PULL, SOCHI? I'm not listening to Bob Costas talk about the nuances of two dudes lying on top of each other on a fucking sled. Anyways, like any good journalist/troll, I decided to review the Opening Ceremony Parade of Nations alphets.

Images via Gawker

  • cozyKev

    tonga wins

  • kingleeroi

    France 10/10

  • Arutyun Arutyunyan

    How are you gonna just forget about Russia’s incredible shearling jackets though?

    • pittalo

      Because fuck Russia

      • OK_ok

        Why don´t you keep jerking off to and sip your latte machiato whilst you with none critical sense keep consuming every half-baked sensational story being told to you by tabloid media

        • pittalo

          I’m from Latvia, I know my shit

  • WBJ

    I think Ralph designed with the future in mind. One day these olympians will be old and those collage cardigans will suit them well lol

  • austin

    LACOSTE designed the uniforms for Team France

    • jon

      good job on not getting that joke at all.

  • ThomasRankin

    we need an explanation for Germany

  • GetReal

    Yo true with the cookie boots, Ralph tryin the throwback patchwork sweaters. Execution tho, nah…