Brooks Brothers Embarrasses Themselves With Dumb Novelty T-Shirt

Hey, you know when you were fourteen and thought the guy who wore a tuxedo T-shirt to something fancy was, like, the funniest, coolest guy ever? And then your parents, in one of their more prescient moves, told you that only fucking morons and guys with giant plugs in their earlobes wore tuxedo T-shirts? Evidently someone at Brooks Brothers never got that talk from their parents. And then, after that asshole actually designed this tee, someone even higher up decided to have it manufactured so they could try and sell it to non-brain dead humans. I know. I’m at a loss for words too. I love that the tuxedo T-shirt genre alone wasn’t enough. Somehow we needed to take things even further to "sloppy bro at Buffalo Wild Wings" territory.

3 Responses to “Brooks Brothers Embarrasses Themselves With Dumb Novelty T-Shirt”

  1. sumeet gill

    I work at a Brooks, and nearly quit on the spot when this thing arrived in the store

  2. Supreme is Soft

    That’s a great shirt if you’re into getting beaten up by your friends

  3. Creel Leather

    What gets me is that so many people must have been involved in getting this product (any product) so far. Didn’t anyone say ‘slow down, we need to re think this’.


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