Building The Ultimate Street Style Star

In the name of progress, the Four Pins think tank joined forces with science to create the ultimate street style icon. The first attempts were like that sheep Dolly (shouts to '90s references): simply clones of existing street style superstars. But, while we love a carefully considered steez bite, the overlords here at our revered brain trust wanted to improve on the living, breathing icons. See, we don’t want another Michael Jordan. No, we want someone who's gonna jump higher, dunk harder and only retire twice. In order to do this we've taken style DNA samples from some of the brightest style stars in our universe and combined that shit like a beautifully-mustached mixologist, creating the definitive, ultimate street style star. CALL US FRANKENSTEIN, MOTHERFUCKERS.

Illustrations by Danny Scanzoni

28 Responses to “Building The Ultimate Street Style Star”

  1. Nah Son

    No credit given to the illustrator, cuz it’s a crap drawing.
    Seriously this is way too deviantart, even for this site.

  2. Michael

    Jon Moy you fucking fangirl hahaha.
    All of your selection, excluding Wooster (wildly overrated), are fine except that you somehow managed to create something truly hypebeast-y in marrying them all together. Result: the least subtle or refined outfit ever. WAY TOO MUCH GOING ON, TRY AGAIN BRO xxx

    • You Turd

      You have the least subtle and refined brain, bro.
      This isn’t meant to be taking literally.

      • Michael

        I actually overlooked the “humor” tag so my bad Lawrence (we say humour in Europe). SHAKE YOUR FUCKING HEAD BRO, it’s merited. And Jon, sorry for giving you shit again, I just really want your job tbh xxx

  3. The Scientific Fuck.

    Someone please tell this “unscientific fuck” there isn’t negative values for Kelvin temperature. 0ºK It’s Absolute zero.

      • If we play, we play.

        I can get an hyperbole. But I just don’t call anybody “unscientific” while saying something totally wrong.

  4. hoc

    Am I the only one who actually thought this was a pretty clever and well written article?

    • kb2003

      Am I the only one who thinks it’s hilarious how hard Four Pins & Co. try not to acknowledge that Nick Wooster is the queeniest queen ever to mince through the village? (Why does it have to be “muscles that girls want to touch”? Why can’t it be “muscles that EVERYONE wants to touch”?)

  5. coop

    no need for the degree symbol when using kelvin as the unit of measurement “you unscientific fucks.” if you’re going to be rude, atleast do it properly.


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