10 Drug Dealing Tips You Can Learn From Chinatown’s Underground Supreme Flipping Empire

Yesterday, we told you about The New Yorker article that highlights some random dude named Peter that sells Supreme gear out of a sketchy store in the basement of an even sketchier Chinatown mall. While some people were butthurt to discover that someone is making literal millions by getting over on hypebeasts, it's hard to deny the fact that Peter knows how the fuck to run a successful racket. In fact, Peter doesn't even have to deal with any of the headaches that normal retailers cope with on a daily basis, chief amongst them actually making a product, which reminded us of another popular secondary market business. Here are the savvy drug dealing tips you can take away from the evil genius that is Unique Hype Collection.



  • chapo guzman

    its obvious youve never sold drugs in any capacity have you jake? stick to whatever it is you…oh wait, dont…, yeah nevermind

    • dammit

      shit lmfaoo

  • http://www.datsmastyle.me/ Dave Anthony

    Would have to turn something positive into a way to get page views ha. The guy is a genius, just leave it at that.

  • bahbra

    Just read it over one time for grammar’s sake…just once. You are trying really hard to be a writer…don’t make an ass of yourself twice over.

  • Veet

    As a journalist your spelling and grammar should be on point.

  • Nate Harbison

    Its not even real Supreme lids. You can order hundreds of these replica hats and flip them but a good dealer doesnt fuck around with bootleg product.

    • Guest

      This is shit is legit, he is just a reseller, you dumbass.

      • Nate Harbison

        You can label yourself a reseller but that has nothing to do with the product, just means hes not an official retailer.

  • Bore pins

    I just flipped through a slideshow of common observations from a talked about article.. *yawn*


    proof once again four-pins.com is run by a bunch of fuck boys who have no clue has to what is going on in the real world and look into the mirror in the morning, confused, as to the reflection they see. transparent and cheap.

  • P

    Kids can’t go to jail? That’s interesting because I very clearly remember being incarcerated before the age of 18.
    You obviously know nothing about this subject. Stick to fawning over Kanye West, it suits you better

  • mvcvbro

    “Money and blood don’t mix like two dicks and no bitch,find yourself in serious shit.”



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