Buy All Your Struggle Givenchy, Pyrex, Hood By Air, Supreme, Wil Fry And More Here!

Having trouble getting invited to cool guy fashion parties?

*Cut to you alone on a Friday night refreshing the sheer emptiness your Twitter replies*

Do haters swarm to your Instagram like flies to shit to tell you you're not #trill enough and never will be?

*Cut to you crying into a basic ass Champion blank*

Are you SICK AND TIRED of not fitting in?

*Cut to you struggling to nod through unfathomable emotional anguish*

Well, salvation is finally here thanks to CHOiES! They've got everything you need to transform from a Gap-wearing, swagless bonerkill to A$AP Ferg's Promethazine carrier's weed carrier. And all for under $100!

Do you need Pyrex?


Do you yearn for Wil Fry?


With CHOiES, you'll never have to worry about making real friends again!



  • Hollywood Nicky

    Are they serious………..

  • JaredBanks

    this has to be a joke right?

  • Abdeladim Zidaoui

    Those are fake, i guess!

    • Kenyatta Ÿattaman Crisp

      they said it was fake.

  • queb

    Some of these fakes are pretty decent. A few of the brands they’re ripping off are just 1 or 2 color prints on low-quality shit anyway so what’s the difference? Definitely copping some “Aape”!

  • Jake Woolf sucks mad dick

    Still on Will Fry/Ian Connor’s Dick I see. Woolfing those balls down homo

    • Jake Woolf

      Oh I get it, you work for CHOiES? Sorry to blow up your spot.

  • vsvp_cro




    Beyond a joke

  • 2 dollars

    Rather pay 20 than 300..

  • Thor Riggatone

    Yall stay bangin on niggas…and I fucks wit it

  • JuvenileTrendsetter

    This entire comments thread saddens me.

  • Deaunte Shugart

    I’ve actually been buying from there since the beginning of the year


    • Karl Blaich

      What’s the quality like

      • Deaunte Shugart

        Similar to Target

  • MR.T

    its not the real thing though, this is sad

  • Julie Zerbo
  • 30bucksaweek

    rofl. There are plenty of websites selling fake pyrex tees, but who gives shit.. it’s just a mere screen printed tee.. sells at 20bucks

  • 30bucksaweek

    I got some fake pyrex shits from trill99. it’s decent for a 20bucks shirt.. would never pay $200 for some screen printed shirt