“C-Shape” G-Strings Are The Latest In Men’s Swimwear Innovation

I've been seeing this fucking photo all over my Twitter feed for the last few days and I've just ignored it because whatever, but then my editors, who clearly hate my guts, tracked down an article that breaks down this weird ass thong dudes in England are wearing. I say "dudes in England" because that's a photo of some guy who is on some British show called The Only Way is Essex. Look, I'm always telling dudes to just do them at the end of the day. And, straight up, I stand by that advice, but these cannot be comfortable. BuzzFeed perused the user reviews of this Sussasaurus Rex swimwear and, evidently, there's a wire in there and, according to some, the part that you shove into your butt crack shockingly doesn't always stay put. In fact, some even recommend putting glue in your butt to keep in there. WILD PAUSE. I don't really care what other people put in their butts, but I'm just saying I thought I was suffering for fashion when I wore really heavy-soled leather brogues. But nah, I've never glued half a thong into my ass. Four Pins, leaving no suss stone unturned in the never-ending quest for menswear journalism.

  • ghhfged

    I’m from Essex and these geezas aren’t just sus, they’re actual homosexuals. Fashion here is appalling but i doubt you’d get straight guys wearing these, not even here in this eternal cesspit of humanity.



  • Dodos

    this is our biggest show in Britian we don’t have basketball wives or love and hip hop or all the other stuff u guys have

  • Young Costanza

    Ryan Cock-sling? I feel so dirty after seeing this, i’ma delete my browser history.

  • Dev

    This is a joke, right?

  • Ekwinoks

    for fuccbois who fuck boys

  • Jute

    heh..they sell these on eBay for $0.99 from China. What’s the point–if you want to wear a thong, isn’t that radical enough?

  • Maison Margiela The 23rd

    So you guys at Four Pins actually had these images on your computers to upload it into this post correct?

    Fuck wrong with ya

  • mick

    i reckon its what men need to wear to get them out of them dull and horrible looking long swim shorts,anyway i think they are sexy