Calling Bullshit On “Off-Duty”

You know how editors are always saying things like "this is a great off-duty look." What the fuck is an off-duty look when no one has to wear a suit to the office? I mean, sure, if you’re a police officer or some other occupation that requires a uniform then you can say you have an "off-duty" look. Otherwise, your "off-duty" look is just Friday. What editors should say is that this T by Alexander Wang sweatshirt is simple and easy and casual and you can wear this with whenever the fuck you want. Whether to dinner with your boo bear or masturbating your loneliness away, it’s good to go.

5 Responses to “Calling Bullshit On “Off-Duty””

  1. Jacob

    As someone who works in advertising, this really rings true.

    I always feel like menswear articles are written for Gordon Gecko or something.

    • Themediabull

      You started using that term when it got coined and will probably stop in a while. Save yourself from looking like a follower

      • Not DMX

        You’re going to get rustled over his use of the phrase “cozy boy” when most of these articles sound like they were written by 14 year old suburban white kids who just got the Kendrick Lamar album?


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