Cam’ron Is Selling Dipset Socks For $150

Cam'ron aka Killa Cam aka King Jaffe Joe is currently retailing these Dipset socks via his extremely low brow online shop, This is the type of thing that makes Cam'ron one of the greatest rappers of all time, period. Most rappers nowadays would probably throw thousands at someone to "design" an online store, promote the socks on Instagram with teasers for 3 weeks and so forth. Cam doesn't roll like that. Instead, he just throws these up online and is basically like, "Yeah, I'm selling socks. They're $150. Buy them. Or don't. Killa." But $150 for these are insane (they're Nike socks btw), so I'm still sure as hell not buying pair. Can't knock the hustle though (or lack there of in this case).

  • UptownLikeShitGirlah

    He just lost a fan. These socks are overpriced. What an asshole. Hes on instagram blocking people and deleting comments because they are speakinthe tuth about these socks. They are cotton, not gold…and they better come with some damn dre headphones for 150. Straiht bullshit cam. I cant believe you. I wanted these socks so bad until i saw the price. U can fuck off.

    • Kingzback


  • Michael

    my word, the audacity

  • cam

    i bought one of each…why not

  • SGV626 DiplomaT

    If you don’t want them, don’t buy them… It’s that easy!!! A lot of things are over priced, doesn’t mean you talk shit on the people who sell them. It is what it is. If you like them but can’t affor them or think they’re over priced, then are you REALLY mad at Cam, or are you upset with your situation… If you just flat out dont like them, then price shouldn’t matter! You’re not buying them anyways!!! Dipset Bitch

  • Leon

    He actually has been promoting these on his instagram for a while

  • Sam

    I will sacrifice a small child for a dipset bandana

    • drago

      That’s amigo

  • tinyny1

    How dear ur broke ass talk about my husband get ur money up