Can $20 Jeans Be Overpriced?

I want to make this completely clear. I, in no way, shape or form, support the clothing from 20jeans. 0%. Absolutely none. No fucking way. Etc. I’m a man of the people, though, and I report news. Granted, I may speak about my personal life way too much, but I still fancy myself a reporter—overpriced clothing game Will McAvoy. That’s who I am. Anyway, 20JEANS is a company that sells literally every piece of clothing on their website for $20. Great idea in theory, terrible fucking execution in reality. This looks like some shit you’d grab in Express Men sans gaudy embroidery/rhinestones. How do I know that? Maybe I shopped there as a senior in high school and, then again, maybe I didn’t. What’s it to you? If you are in the mood to look like an Italian teenager who’s looking for a way off of Long Island then maybe check it out.

  • Angelo

    Nobody under 30 has any clue who Will McAvoy is Jon.

    • Anonimouse

      James you mean, Jon would have thrown a couple jokes about HIS JUNK in 2chainz either, clearly a Tirado joint.

    • Yorrick

      I had to google

  • Noteven30

    this is return tour of JT. you should have Jim & Maggie check your facts next time, son.

  • Elvisio

    people pay for dirt, so no. but also yes. they got a snappy copywriter, though (“let alone a leg, too”)