Can We Banish Dwyane Wade From Menswear For Making These Horrible Socks?

In case you needed more evidence that the NBA is full of bonafide cornballs, Dwyane Wade just dropped a new collection of socks with the people at Stance. Basically, they are just a total clusterfuck of animal patterns and beach imagery that he and his publicist are desperately trying to pass off as the "spirit of individuality". If individuality looks like these socks, then I want to blend in. People forget that being one of a kind isn't always a good thing. Like, Napoleon was definitely an individual, but this individuality lead him to try and literally take over the world, aka be a total asshole. Dude got banished from France! Twice! Can we banish Dwyane Wade from menswear for these atrocities? Anyone want to start a petition? Hit us up if an when you do.

  • ChromeDontBeworking Cuh

    fucking cant change slides in chrome

    • DickOvens

      AMEN cuh. Been having the same problem for weeks

  • Dave Anthony

    Lol. This is funny, but some of them are actually cool though.

  • danielheard

    Okay a couple of things: 1. Aside from a few really bad ones, these are no more offensive than most flashy socks 2. I really like the fact that the left and right socks show off different parts of the pattern, so they match but don’t match. That’s a nice touch.

  • modi.

    these are straight…y’all goin too hard.

  • Nyeahh

    Orange flamingo ones are hot, everything else is hot garbage. D Wade’s menswear card is renewed with a scold for the next season.

  • TJay

    Last slide made me gag

  • F. Daniel Warhol

    I’d rock #9 and #10…

  • Gary

    They’re dope. You don’t wear socks to be the main focus of your outfit, they peak out under slacks. I’d buy them.

    • Michael

      Exactly, I don’t think the people at Four Pins get that.

  • Karsh

    Wow ,these socks r real cool..

  • 100swoll

    whoever wrote this artiicle eat a dick stop knocking other niggas hustles

    • stfudumbass

      you cant be serious. these socks are ugly af.

  • ShaStud

    I like em

  • Murielle Andrea

    Love them!

  • Thomas

    looks not bad except those with cow pattern, those look horrible

  • Josh Haq

    i like em


    How are these any different than the tacky ass huf and stanced socks?

  • Dominique Kyle

    I would rock them… I don’t see why this article was made. Besides just to make some of us see some new socks that we would buy.

  • dan

    these socks are cool.. you guys are just pampered northeastern kids with only j crew swag

    • Angelo

      You guys all trollin right?

  • thib

    the hate tho…. lol

  • John

    #7 looks nice

  • model citizen

    The animal prints and beach prints are hideous but the rest are pretty decent. I wouldn’t go out of my way to purchase any of these but I wouldn’t hesitate to wear them if I had ’em.

  • Michael

    These are legit, at a corporate office all you see is a little flash of the craziness and personality when you sit down or rest your ankle on your knee. You guys are acting like you’re going to wear these with sandals and shorts or something, smh..

  • Class A Rando

    “Is he a brother… or is he a cornball brother?”

  • alex

    they’re no different to Stance socks why four pins being dicks for?

  • theneedledrap

    slide 2: decent to strong 3
    slide 3: strong 3 to a light 4
    slide 4: decent to strong 7
    slide 5: light to decent 6
    slide 6: strong 2 to a light 3
    slide 7: decent to strong 5 (really torn)
    slide 8: strong 6 to a light 7
    slide 9: light to decent 7
    slide 10: strong 0 to light 1
    slide 11: decent to strong 0

  • B

    If Chups, AnonymousIsm or some other obscure Japanese brand made these they’d be riding dicks hard…

  • Austin

    Take a lap Four Pins. These socks are HUGE in the action sports community. They can’t keep them in stock at our local skate shops.

    Don’t hate on a style that doesn’t fit into your “exact niche” of what you want menswear to be.

  • lovelessLP

    this corny ass nigga jake woolf only rocks with suits with pocket squares.

  • diver

    jake w is a total tool….besides poor fashion sense he believes profanity elevates his writing style…..please just go away…

  • chris

    Socks are actually cool that’s the funny thing.