What Can We Learn About Fashion And America From The 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair Poll?

So, Vanity Fair just published the results of a fashion poll they conducted. Needless to say, I was pretty surprised by the results, but then I peeped who Vanity Fair worked with: 60 Minutes. SIXTY FUCKING MINUTES?! I'm pretty sure you're only legally allowed to watch that show if you are 60 years or older. No wonder these people couldn't answer the most basic of fashion trivia. Check out some of the horrifying results and be sure to voice your disdain for America in the comments section.

  • queb

    Slide 4 is fucking insane.

    • Dillon

      My uncle runs a plastic surgeon company, lives in a $5million dollar home, drives a Tesla and a M6 and pulls about $2mill annually. At the same time he wears Levi´s x Walmart collab with Hanes tees.

      He lives a better life than most of us – a lot of people don´t give a crap about clothes yet live their life to the fullest – shouldn’t come as a big surprise

  • Stamp Collector

    I firmly believe this is the best article ever written.

  • Oppiken

    Some of these aren’t exactly incorrect. Like the first slide about 41% dressing based on what you see in store; well, don’t we do some of that when we go onto Tres Bien or Oki-Ni or some other other that shoots a lookbook or puts up their own mannequin? We want to dress like what they show us. “Store” doesn’t necessary mean Gap or Banana Republic.