You Can Now Buy Rick Owens x Adidas Sneakers, But Be Careful Because They Suck

YOU CRAZY FOR THIS ONE, RICCARDO OWENS. But seriously, the Adidas x Dick Ovens sneakers are currently available for you to waste your money on. Is it just me or do these joints look exactly like those shoes designed to teach you how to jump that were always advertised in the back of Eastbay? For the record, I am all for strange footwear silhouettes, but clearly those silhouettes should be kept to Margiela tabis and shit. These $600 monstrosities fucking suck, my dude. I bet you there’s one person in your work environment that will whole heartedly endorse these. But that dude probably also thinks the plot of Tron is actually plausible given the rapid pace of technological innovation.

  • Dumplings4Everybody

    you’re a fucking idiot if you don’t like these

    please go back to sucking the AIr Pythons dick some more

    • Lawrence

      close, but wrong writer tho

  • JB

    I have these dance sneakers!

  • Dix


  • name

    MOY YOU DONE FUCKED UP NOW!!!!!!!!!!! Everybody knows these suck but that is not what they are about!!! And hating on these is definitely not what YOU are about!!! The people wanted more from their favorite pinz writer!!! You are not supposed to be the mass everyman snob you wear dresses my dude I’ve seen it from my apartment window!!!

  • Lance Pharmstrong

    sometimes good people do bad things, I forgive you Moy.

  • SRP
  • Kurt Texter

    Really stoked I just came across your page, perma-blocking from my browser haha.

  • Geppetto

    Are these shoes, or are they hooves? Do they come with a pair of horns and some snap-on udders?

  • Jay E. Williams

    Jon Moy needs to choose another job, because he doesn’t know what the fuck he’s talking about.

  • Tmxa

    I dot’t see the problem with these shoes. There like a rich man’s Roshe Run. Apparently y’all niggas can’t afford to buy those shoes. I think RICK Owens did an AMAZING job working with Adidas to create this shoe. Keep an fucking open mind and maybe see them in person… or better yet try them on. I have 3 pairs myself and get tons of compliments on them…

  • cacaulay mulkin

    Dude I got these, they fit like a glove and the leather it’s super thick and premium. Best shoes money can buy.

  • Sonya

    They look amazing, what are you talking about? I cannot wait to get them.

  • Nathan Hamilton

    This shoe is easy to mistake for something it’s not but, is one of the truest interpretations of the designer that has probably ever been made. If you know anything about rick you know his whole like is a focus of who he is espically his shoes the Geo-basket is his take on the Vans skate high and the Ramones are his version of the chuck Taylor both Classic California shoes and with his look of high end tall tees and silk blend dickies shorts it showcases his roots as an inland empire youth. This shoe is displaying who he is in his modern life Rick speaks openly about issues with Drugs in his 20’s and his escape from this was working out and yes dancing so a reinterpreted dance shoe makes complete sense and follows beautifully in the continuity of his “story” he presents season to season.

  • ugly.storm

    yall ful of shitt these are artistic

  • Tommy

    Such a great sneaker silhouette, man.