You Can Now Buy Rick Owens x Adidas Sneakers, But Be Careful Because Jon Moy Is Full Of Shit: A Counterpoint

Moy is out of control guys. He just ethered the Rick Owens x Adidas sneakers, but do you really want to take footwear advice from the dude who endorsed these fucking middle earth troll boots? Come on, now. I get that Rick isn't for everyone (not even me at first), but would wearing Common Projects for the rest of your life be all that fun? In the long run, sure, minimalist sneakers will endure, but that doesn't mean you have to commit to those so early in your young life. This Rickery is like the equivalent of that wild goth chick you met at Warped Tour. You know, the one who underneath her fucked up haircut and eyebrow piercing is a 10/10. You simply have to get past all the preconceived notions of beauty and take a leap of faith. Trust that she, and Lord Dick of Ovensworth, will take care of you if only for the night. And, Moy, you done fucked up by comparing them to strength training shoes because guess who can now touch rim, like, half the time, old man?

  • firefoxshawty

    get past

  • gyarados lvl 54

    and pre-conceived. come on lawrence. editor in chief this shit

  • gyarados lvl 54

    and pre-conceived. come on lawrence. you gotta editor in chief this

  • JB

    But “get past” is correct. “Pre-conceived” not so much.

  • Oliver Hutton

    These shoes suck a thousand dirty assholes.

  • Dave s

    Somebody needs to tell Jake that we live in the real fucking world. Not a sci-fi flick. Nobody with taste is actually gone walk down a real fucking street in these. Owens does quite well because of tard writers like these despite making very little that’s actually wearable.

  • Angelo

    woolf pick up your nads and go drop them on moy if you got beef – you look like a soppy puss crying over the web


    Is this dude really trying to justify the hideousness of these sneakers as “Owen’s isn’t for everyone!” LOL!

  • BuckDat

    i would fuck the shit out of that goth chick

  • Chinatown

    Your counterpoint is invalid because that dirty goth chick with obvious daddy issues blew off like 30 dudes at the vans warped tour before she even got to you brah, it’s the same with these shoes cause like 30 left field homodesigners ripped off every bad scifi cliches to make these shoes, that was a horrible analogy and I don’t even know what I meant, but seriously these are ugly, Jon moy didn’t really ether them cause his excuse for his disdain with these shoes was too superficial, idk what Rick flair Owens was thinking but these look like hover boats