Capsule Street Style: Part II

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Greg Babcock is a photographer living in New York. See more of his work here and follow him on Twitter here.

  • TM

    George R.R. Martin stuntin’ hard on slide 11

  • queb

    Number 14’s mom did a great job color-coordinating that outfit.

  • GEB

    Geez, wearing jackets?! It’s a heatwave in NYC right now. I mean I get it, gotta stunt on others at a trade show, but it’s damn been above 90 degrees for the last 2 weeks over here. They must be sweating like a muthafucka; mad swampy yo. I thought being comfy and not looking like you’re trying too hard was #menswear 101?

  • Kenneth Noisewater

    solid list. only thing: i like the dude as much as every other guy on this site but 2 back to back shots of fenimore? i’m just sayin…

  • averagemanfitnessandstyle

    #12 beard is so epic.

  • feel

    What kind of NBs are those on 33?

  • eleganTThug

    that magenta flannel #11 hella exkravagant

  • Matthew Pike

    Doping it up in floral slacks and flyknits, thumbs up

  • vacations_on

    Is outta focus the new thing in streetstyle?