Cav Empt Spring/Summer 2014 Is Picture Day For Rich Kids

Cav Empt is crazy because their collections always vibe so futuristic to me, but when I really look at the individual pieces, they're fairly contemporaneous to our own timeline. Same with the backdrops used for S/S 14. They're like those next level backgrounds you used to be able to get if your parents had a little extra loot for your class photo. So, decidedly late '80s and early '90s, despite their time traveling leanings, which is how you know some crazy ass gloves and graphics and a sweatshirt that looks like you got shot a thousand times can really add to the overall aesthetic of a lookbook.

  • Loveandalchemy

    When I look at the pieces and try to remove myself from the interesting lookbook it’s all pretty CASSETTEPLAYA-esque flashy. More 2008 streetwear than anything. That hoodie is crack tho

  • fuccyouraunty

    your dumbass slides do not work. cant even look at the fucking photos. thats dumbass complex for you. being shitty as usual AND on a budget

  • Ray

    And this is why this site will always remain a meta, superficial, pseudo-intelligent “fashion blog.” It’s self-perpetuating; rich kids jerking off on other rich kids. It’s not style. It’s not creativity. It’s bought and sold name-dropping, coated in false exclusivity and wrapped in template, minimalist layout. Ugh. This is part of the ~problem~. End rant. You’re actually a good writer. Stop drinking the kool-aid and join the Dark Side.