Celebrating Clipse’s Best Clothing References

Clipse is the second best rap duo of all time and the authors of my favorite rap album, Lord Willin’, which is just over a decade old. I had a professor tell me you can’t write with clarity about a traumatic event until ten years after, and while that's definitely bullshit, the theory does apply to dope shit like discovering the true glory of double entendres and growing out of the naive opinion that cocaine is a bad thing that should be avoided before realizing cocaine is awesome and should be done by everybody all the time.

Really though, in the past decade or so, the Thornton brothers have provided a ton of life advice, so one would assume that their fashion wisdom would also endure. Clipse rose to prominence in an era that saw '90s boom brands like Phat Farm, FUBU and Rocawear collapse quietly into themselves, or at least recede to department store shelves. In their place, Japanese-rooted niche streetwear brands rose to prominence and through the lens of Clipse lyrics we are made privy to the highs and lows of succeeding during such a time. Sure, that sounds like superfluous bullshit, but if Four Pins is ever going to become the Grantland of menswear, we’re going to need hella white dudes philosophizing about rap. With that, let’s mine the stylistic minds of Push and Mal, though, in an effort of full disclosure, Malice doesn't really ever rap about his gear.

Angelo Spagnolo is a writer living in Portland, Oregon. Read his blog here and follow him on Twitter here.

  • http://twitter.com/zane_tha_funkee Zaner

    who’s the #1 duo then, ang? outkast?

    • http://twitter.com/eyefivestyle Angelo

      Mash Out Posse.

    • say whaaat

      truuuuu yo what about mobb deep? UGK?

  • http://www.facebook.com/jdoaner Jonathan Doan

    “If Four Pins is ever going to become the Grantland of menswear” – my two favorite sites. you guys should get rembert to do an article.

    • Andrew Neidinger

      i know Shea Serrano writes for both sites. my favorite two sites as well.

  • Michael

    taking your sweet time with the posts today

  • Davey

    Best duo of all time IMHO. Hell Hath No Fury is the angriest thing ever. Enjoyed this.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/116Burkett/ 116Burkett

    wait till that new album comes out.

  • catzuella

    “choker her”? thats a new one.

  • Alex Rudkovsky

    #1 one duo is mobb deep of course!

  • leapsean

    “Look mama I be fly papa/ Strictly Bathing Ape, Ice Cream and BBC rocker.” -Pusha T—Wamp Wamp (What It Do)

  • Kevin W

    I liked when he mentioned La Perla too.

  • http://twitter.com/WesleyWintour Wesley Wintour

    Such witty repartee, NOT! What the fuck is this nigga talking about. Your quips aren’t even funny bro.

  • ef-ay-be-oh-el-oh-you-ess

    fabaluss ain’t in the clipse, b.