The CEO Of Levi’s May Not Actually Know How To Take Care Of His Jeans

Wow, the CEO of Levi's is seriously promulgating nonsense when it comes to denim care. Ya boy is really out here telling people to straight up not wash their jeans at all, bragging during a sustainability discussion, by way of The Today Show, that his current pair of jeans haven't been washed for a year straight. Sure, the CEO of Levi’s probably doesn't generate a lot of heat and sweat in his jeans seeing as he's a fucking CEO, but still, this is terrible advice. TERRIBLE. Not two months ago, I admonished the Detroit Denim Company for suggesting customers put their jeans in the freezer or soak them in vinegar rather than washing them. HOW MANY TIMES DO I GOTTA LINK TO THIS VIDEO OF KIYA AND ANDREW AKA THE REAL DENIM LORDZ TELLING YOU ASSHOLES TO WASH YOUR JEANS?

Listen, I'm not saying you gotta wash them after every wear, especially when you're not wearing your jeans every day, but c'mon, this "I'll wash them when I die" shit is so stupid. All the alternatives don't even make any sense when you think about it. THE FREEZER? YEAH, YOU DON'T LIVE IN A FUCKING RESTAURANT SO IT DEFINITELY DOES NOT GET COLD ENOUGH TO KILL ANY BACTERIA. DIPPING YOUR JEANS IN THE OCEAN? UM, THAT MAKES THEM SMELL LIKE—DUH—THE OCEAN: BRINEY AND SEAWEEDY AND GROSS. VINEGAR? VINEGAR?! GET THE FUCK OFF OUR URL IF YOU'RE THE KIND OF MONSTER WHO SOAKS HIS JEANS IN GODDAMN VINEGAR. Please, everyone, I beg of you, just wash your fucking pants.

  • Michele D’Agnillo

    If your freezer isn’t killing ANY bacteria you need to stop having dinner parties Moy.

  • Sjoerd K.

    Real question though: Hand wash or machine wash? I am lazy.

  • Sturmpopo

    Yo I’ve had this one pair of levis since 2010 and have never washed them and they aren’t smelly or dirty. To be fair I wear them like once a week for 8 hours at the whitest of collar jobs but still.

    • Dillon

      Whites of collar jobs doesnt allow jeans tho?

      Or who knows, I´m based in Europe and have seen some shit while in america

  • casual_lion

    isn’t this coming from the same people who wrote that selvedge denim should rarely be washed. While Levi’s isn’t making selvedge, I believe the denim isn’t that markedly different.

    • YSN RHMN

      There’s a difference between rarely and never. Kiya and Andrew suggest every two months, so that’s 6 washes a year compared to 0. Also my parents don’t let me put my pants in the freezer.

    • Lennster

      Levis does indeed still make Selvedge denim. if you check out the store in Meatpacking or Market street you will def find a variety of Selvedge Denim.

  • Peter Gallagher

    yr freezr def kills all bacteria, as water (H20) in the air freezes it forms craaaaazy ice shards that lyse cell membranes…duh

    • lazy_panda

      Have you ever entered a laboratory in your life?

      Stop propagating nonsense. While freezing does kill SOME cells, the majority live on to multiply once back at room temperature.


    Neither Andrew & Kiya nor Levi’s CEO provided any evidence to support their claim. Therefore, they are nothing more than arbitrary opinions. C’mon bro, anyone who’s made it through 8th grade knows you need to cite your sources to be taken seriously otherwise take a seat.

    • Logic 101

      what sources can they cite….they themselves are the sources you cite.

  • jc

    how using the steaming cleaning option only my washer/dryer.

  • Cool story bro

    Can someone please fire Jon Moy? He writes the worst articles ever. Before seeing that he was author, I knew it was him that wrote it. You get a sense of negativity and bigotry in every article. He never has anything positive to say. PS If I ever see you in the streets I will pummel your face.

    • pgig

      Interesting. Being clean is negative. Who knew? Of course you won’t have to pummel him just wear your nasty jeans and let the stank knock him out.