Certainly The Result Of Gentrification

Gentry, for those who don't know, is a really dope store—certainly the result of gentrification—in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Socioeconomic issues aside, it's a one stop shop for brands like E.G., Our Legacy and various others you're all too familiar with because you're a fucking dork (but mostly E.G. if we're being completely honest). For their latest lookbook, Gentry took to Coney Island and styled the fuck out of some looks. The best of the bunch being a banger that combines white Chucks with white Ovadia & Sons pants, a Needles long shirt and an Engineered Garments jacket—basically the exact alphet we've been dreaming up for ourselves to execute this spring, assuming it ever comes. Seriously, fuck this cold weather right in the butt. We're also trying to nonchalantly stand on a boardwalk, stare into nothingness and think about how much we miss Rust Cohle without losing our dicks.


2 Responses to “Certainly The Result Of Gentrification”

  1. Tom

    jake, shut the fuck up. your commentary literally turns interesting look books into the corniest things on the internet. moy will always be funnier than you.

  2. Alex Bond

    gotta correct you on the shoes again man – not chucks, they’re purcells


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