Check Out These Custom Bags From A Well-Curated Group Of People We Want To Be Best Friends With

The only thing the CFDA loves more than its own members is making its own members do obscure projects that garner lots of press. Take, for example, these custom, one-of-a-kind duffel bags from 20 of the best menswear designers in America. Amongst the spread are iterations from Mark McNairy, Public School, Michael Basitan, Duckie Brown, Billy Reid, Unis and more, meaning it's basically a well-curated group of people we want to be best friends with. Goddamn you CFDA, we've fallen for your publicity wizardry yet again.

  • Max Walker

    Where can I buy the original bag?

  • Prickasso

    I don’t think Marc Jacobs has ever made an attractive menswear item

    • Prickasso

      but that Unis shit is riiiiiipe

  • Dan

    Todd Snyder, Billy Reid, and Duckie Brown FTW

  • Andrew

    Mcnairy for the laziest, yet illest mod.