Force Fields Of Rarity And The Reality Of Classism

Every once in a while, a garment has the chance to look more dynamic, sexier and overall better in navy blue than black. I'm not saying that's the case with these "Obsidian" Inneva Wovens, but I just wanted you all to know that it can happen. According to Tres Bien, these are a Tier Zero release, so good luck getting your hands on a pair if you blow it and don't acquire these right fucking meow. At about $240 for non-EU customers, these are definitely more than a typical Nike release and kind of just, well, expensive. You could get, 3 pairs of Tier Regular Nikes for that same price, although Moy will not be your friend if you do that.

I also just realized that Kanye's theory that no one can say shit to you when you're wearing Nikes isn't totally true. If you're wearing Tier Zero Nikes, then yes, no one can stunt on you even if they're wearing some super luxe fashion sneakers. Your shit is forever protected by a force field of rarity. But if you're wearing some regular ass Nikes, not only can people in better, more expensive sneakers stunt on you all day, but people with better Nikes will be able to dismiss you as a measly peasant. "Tiers" in a sense are just classes and, as Yeezus knows all to well, can lead to "snobbery". I guess Ye was right about something. Classism is still alive, they just be concealing it.

  • Vlad

    So are these cooler than the nike x bodega air footscapes??

    • john

      theres no ‘air’ in footscapes LOL

  • K

    its amazing how you can write two paragraphs on a subject and still be saying nothing.

    • Gob

      Also managed to mention Kanye three times in one paragraph in an article that has nothing whatsoever to do with Kanye.

      • Jake Woolf

        Lol ok guys, next time I’ll be sure to discuss in detail the manufacturing process, the Free 5.0 sole, and 5 pairs of sensible GAP jeans and chinos you can pair with these for a modern twist on a classic preppy outfit. I know how serious this shopping thing is for you

        • Gob

          I was just being a dick, it’s a nice write-up. That said, manufacture process would actually pretty sweet.

          • YA’MANS

            robots son

  • tony

    all that tier talk is bullshit. if a colorway is dope, it’s dope. regardless if nike mass produced em or if there are 1,000 pairs. “tier regular” roshe runs shit on these.

    • WTT

      Roshe Runs don’t shit on anything except your own feet

  • i9

    I was looking at these and they have the swoosh instead of the “NSW” on the white label Innevas.