Classy Ratchet

Classy Ratchet is a new clothing label that was probably founded by a girl with too much free time at state school who decided it was officially time to murder the term "ratchet." White girl 2.0 vibes ABOUND, guys. But I feel like true ratchet behavior—if you were going to make that a lifestyle—wouldn’t be this self-aware, you know? Anyhow, shout out to girls just discovering ratchet. You guys now have a new T-shirt to replace the one you’ve been wearing ever since you saw Aubrey Plaza wear it in that one magazine that one time in 2010.

  • BBC

    …I think I just threw up a little.

  • Nadia

    i went to school with girls like this! they never talked to me but i always wondered y they were so dolled up for 8am poli-sci!!!

  • cozyKev

    i just diarrhea’d

  • prickasso

    Miley Cyrus in t-shirt form

  • Dantana

    somewhere in America…

  • Classy Ratchet

    Thank you for the shout out! Ladies visit for all the hottest trends!