Up Close And Personal With A.P.C. Fall/Winter 2014

Jean Touitou's minimalist success story, A.P.C., has grown in 25 years from a simple idea into a brand that spans multiple continents. With three stores in NYC alone, A.P.C. has become the de facto "cool guy brand" for those who yearn for the essential, but well-made things in life. In fact, it's the stores themselves that invite a shopper into a pared-down world, where things are less complicated, spaces are flooded with natural light and fig-scented candles, and where one's eyes needn't be squinted to make sure they aren't missing the details.

For F/W 14, Touitou turned to the Yves Saint Laurent, the man himself, for inspiration. Yves's signature, chic personal style is widely admired across the fashion community, while his French background is, of course, directly in line with A.P.C.'s own—as Touitou once put it—"not Italian" sensibilities. Highlights include an almost Ron Burgundy-esque pimp coat, a black wool racing suit, graphic sweaters that cheekily read "Le Ski," as well as another stellar offering of collaborative leathers with Louis W. Truth be told, when it comes to A.P.C., it's never about the pieces that stand out, but the pieces that stand on their own without making a big fuss about it.

  • shellzsz

    fucking heavily with the coat in #18

  • NP10

    So beautiful. Damn.

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    Number 9 holy fuk

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  • WAVY

    He turned to ”the Yves Saint Laurent, the man himself, for inspiration.” With a Ouija board? I deduce from your typo that you can’t spell Yves Saint-Laurent and had to copy/paste it but you do know the man himself is dead right?

    • Cameron Wolf

      how did u deduce that? ur like rly smart

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        Checkmate. Well played, kid.

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    Oh my god, this is so gorgeous. So so gorgeous.

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    I’m ready to squab with anybody talkin down on A.P.C.