Up Close And Personal With Visvim Fall/Winter 2014

For F/W 14, international shaman of mystery Hiroki Nakamura turned to the idea of "patina" for his beloved range of shoes, pants, shirts, jackets and rare outerwears. When we saw the collection during NYFW (with tha gawd himself lingering in the background), a particularly strong kangaroo leather jacket stood out. Unfortunately, during our resee, we didn't have a chance to witness it yet again as Hiroki evidently doesn't let it out of his sight unless he's taking an aimless stroll through downtown Manhattan with wife Kelsi on his arm (the coat retails for close to $25,000 btw). But that's not to say the other pieces in the collection aren't equally as breathtaking. A two-strap boot stands out as the best footwear of the season, a replacement to the currently out of commission FBT (you can thank Mr. West and his stans for that one). Other highlights include a boyish, Hollywood-era Ronald Reagan print that graces shirts, jackets and accessories. For some, visvim's aesthetic is too far leaning in the direction of derelict, but we tend to admire any label that sticks to its guns as unapologetically as visvim, even if affording the end result feels forever out of reach.

Photography by Michael Knapp. See more of his work here and follow him on Twitter here.

  • Calltheshots

    Visvim is wack, the designs are terrible just buy RRL or 45RPM.

  • Paisdlak

    Jesus, fucking hell. I would rather go bare feet.

    • yee


  • Howle

    Slide 14 is fucking amazing

    • Dillon

      Then you´d be amazed in your average corner thrift store

      • Howle

        Nah b

  • airmax90

    so bad

    • WolvesAteMyDad

      pleb detected

  • Nerd

    if you stand in front of your bathroom mirror and say “visvim is wack” three times whilst spinning around in a clockwise rotation, the ghost of chief pocatello king of the shoshone will jump out from behind your shower curtain and bite off your earlobes

    • red cloud

      why chief pocatello bae?

      • Nerd

        pocatello was ted to toe in visvim bruh bruh

        • John Mayer

          MY HERO

  • Tucci

    ITT: People who can’t afford Vis

  • WolvesAteMyDad

    sure is pleb in here

    every one of those shoes made me cum buckets