A Community Theater Production Of Peter Pan

Wow, Undercover's ridiculously named sub-label johnUNDERCOVER decided to create a long shirt ridiculously named the "JUM4407." And, lemme tell you, this thing is drapey as fuck. You will certainly be levitating into coffee lines so politely and and angelically with this shirt on your back. The asymmetric placket makes sure that you don't brick that whole relaxed, v casual, v draped out, v affected, but not too affected look by being weird for you. Just don't wear too tight pants because then you'll look like you're performing in a community theater production of Peter Pan.

  • beagle

    deeply into long shirts / contrast tails / asymmetrical plackets but this is just kind of off. shoulders look wild blouse-y and with the jet pockets it’s all a little “undersized nurse’s smock w/ some broken overlocker flair”