No Velour Tracksuit Required

Back in the '80s, Fila Tennis shoes signified deep pockets. Drug dealers, needless to say, loved the weighty price tag (which somewhat-untrustworthy oral history pegs at roughly $200). Continental athletic apparel in general was popping. Random sidebar: It is awesome when gun shooting bad men sport tennis shorts in the badly conceived British gangsta flick The Business. It is similarly awesome when Wu-Tang-aged rappers wax lyrical about the street appeal of the Fila Tennis Classic—a shoe that in suede makeup has made enthusiasts lose their shit.

Concepts is releasing these bad boys on Saturday. The reason to take notice is simple: For years the Fila Tennis Classic has been produced with bobo leather and relegated to sales racks at struggle sneaker boutiques. It hasn't been handled with coke boy reverence and it certainly hasn't been vaulted to "premium status". The Concepts team lines it with leather and pops all the hallmark flag accents out with embroidered webbing.

Don't be surprised when OGs give you a nod. Alternatively, give no fucks when young bucks don't understand. Just don't go overboard with a matching tracksuit.


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  1. platinumtoothbrush

    As someone who rode the bench for the entire 86′-87′ Bball season back in 7th grade, I can tell you that my Filas decidedly were NOT $200. While I did (and still do) imagine myself akin to Imelda Marcos, my mom would have slapped the shit out of me if I tried to get her to drop 2 benjis so I could come in with 0:40 left to miss a couple passes and/or airball the inconsequential last shot of the game. PS still love Fila, and my mom.


    proof once again is out of touch. these shoes are ugly as fuck. someone from concepts must of sucked some dicks to get this write up. wouldn’t surprise me, concepts sucks and frank sucks a lot of dicks anyway so. id rather go to bodega and support something way more tasteful not some ugly and lame attempt to revive something that shouldn’t be revive for the sake of street credibility like you were out there. fuck boy.


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