Concert Tickets, An iPhone 7 And A Random Chick In A Mitsubishi Lancer

On today's episode of The Week in Bucket Hats, we're covering the importance of multiple product shots. Most of the time you only get one or two shots of a bucket on a store’s website. That’s probably because, you know, they kind of all look exactly the same—there’s not really a front or back or a snapback to look at per se. BUT THAT DOES NOT MEAN I DON’T WANT 360 DEGREE VIEWS OF SOMETHING I DEFINITELY DON'T NEED THAT I MAY BE SPENDING TOO MUCH MONEY ON ANYWAY. Free/Man got an exclusive from Southern Field Industries on these waxed cotton buckets. Normally, Southern Field Industries items are made to order...IN JAPAN, which means Free/Man got the hook up on these buckets, like that one guy you know who always has concert tickets, an iPhone 7 and some random, too skinny chick in his tricked out Mitsubishi Lancer.