Continually Being Shamed Because Of Your Ignorance

Something like 6 months ago I straight blew it when I was like, “Man, fuck Reeboks.” Because now almost every single day I catch myself slipping up all, “Whoa, there are some dope Reeboks out there.” AND NOW THE UNIVERSE HAS RESIDED TO JUST CONTINUALLY SHAMING ME OF MY IGNORANCE. Looks like Palace x Reebok is still going strong with these new pimped out Workouts. Personally, I’d get the white ones because I like white sneakers. Please buy these so your one friend can be a dickhead and go, “Do you even skate, bro?” Then you can take your limited edition Celine bootleg deck and play the knockout game with that pedantic bastard's domepiece.

  • connor

    more gum than violet beauregarde, foam like a tempurpedic nice, but those glue marks kill the damn joints.

  • khaled

    the gum sole is nice but from what i understand, that fucking white lace is part of the shoe, like you can’t get rid of it

    • Femdimes

      lol couldnt you just cut it off.

    • entwuan

      those are extra laces like with pumas

  • entwuan

    where is the black joint?

  • smh

    do you even skate bro?