Being Contrarian Isn’t Cute Anymore

AMI just came through with this western shirt. If you guys haven't noticed yet, Four Pins loves it some westerns, which means you dickheads will probably concoct some reason to not love westerns. QUIT BEING CONTRARIAN. That shit isn't cute anymore. Also, which one of you said I look like Nigel Thornberry? I HAD TO GOOGLE THAT SHIT BECAUSE I'M A FUCKING DINOSAUR. But, I can see what you were saying. Anyways, there's not much to say about this shirt other than it has authentic mother of pearl buttons. I mean, it's a fucking western shirt, what more information do you really need to make an informed decision?


2 Responses to “Being Contrarian Isn’t Cute Anymore”

  1. fuccyouraunty

    h&m has a shirt just like this for 1/4 of the price and its still as ugly as the one you posted

    • whammy

      yeah having felt this shirt in person i can confirm the “denim” and stitching used for this shirt are completely identical to what you can find at topman/h&m/urban. texture is real gross in person


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