How To Convince The World That You’re Cooler Than You Are

Being cool is one of those ephemeral pursuits that can take upwards of a lifetime. Instead of actually being cool though, you can just convince everyone around you that you’re cool. It’s like those really elaborate cons they run on that USA show Burn Notice (yeah, I've never seen it either). If you keep enough of the details believable, people will just automatically assume that you’re one cool ass dude. As always, I've done pretty much all of the work for you. Here’s exactly how you can convince the world that you’re cooler than you are.

30 Responses to “How To Convince The World That You’re Cooler Than You Are”

  1. Joshua Michael Carson

    Drinking Mexican coke makes you cool? I’ve been cool longer than I thought.

  2. Guest

    Hong Kong, Tokyo, London etc. who hasn´t been those places at this point? Kinda basic.

    If you non-struggle you go to locations non-accessible by commercial aviation such as Mustique in the winter-time and remote places in Nepal in the winter. Remember, the dopest places on earth doesn´t have Wi-Fi.

  3. Alex Bond

    jon moy likes brand new a lot. A LOT. i think he mentions them every time he mentions a band. or music. i’m not a hater, just an observation.

  4. Class A Rando

    Kinda redundant article if you axe me. This site is exclusively about how to trick people into thinking you’re cool. I just assumed everyone here knew that looking like an interesting person was way easier than being one.

  5. JohnAdams

    More like “how to be a poser”. Then again you know what they say… fake it till you make it!

  6. DERP!

    Heroin is the new hip drug? You’re obviously not cool, still on that pot head bull crap!

  7. filthy frank

    Interesting article…atleast I know now how to tell well certain people are full of shit….I was actually expecting something like “be subtle” but I guess that’s not cool enough

  8. The Atlas

    Dude. I was actually so surprised at how much I enjoyed the shit out of this article. Especially coming from your boy, Moy. Good work.

  9. Tom

    Hahaha, Brand New? The fuck. Go get a job at hot topic Jon Moy. You can chill with your like-minded’s in Taking Back Sunday t-shirts.

  10. DT

    The only thing worse than this college kid pander piece is the mouth breathers that actually got setting out of it. Trash as always, Four Pins.

  11. Jesse Dzombak

    Most things on this list won’t lead you to be cool. They’ll lead you to become a mindless hipster that I (and thousands like me) will want very badly to punch squarely in the face.


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