Coolin’ Out In Elastic Heaven

Check out the color on these bangers from P.A.M., Australia’s coziest streetwear brand. The combination of marbled yellows on orange is what we call "a fucking hit" and if you smoke kush you probably want to pay extra close attention because I'm not sure there's anything more appealing than coolin' out in elastic heaven 24/7/365. Assuming you don’t fucks with really dank weed, but still fucks with wild pants, cop a pair and wear them with NBs and a backpack full of Cheetos to gain every stoner's respect.

  • Andy

    I feel like my uncle tried to by these from K-Mart for me when I was, like, 12 and he thought liking rap meant wanting to dress like MC Hammer.

    • Andy

      On the real though, you can still cop a pair of zubaz for like $30 and then you won’t be as sad when this trend dies in 3 months.