Cop Game NOT Stressful

It's OK to admit that basically every time we've posted on cool sneakers in the past few months, you've seen them, acknowledged their dopeness, only then to forget about the release date and be left alone with nothing except your utter disappointment to keep you company. But don't worry, because the Jordan 1 "Shadow" is here and it's your chance to finally acquire a pair of sneakers you've been waiting for. You see, with Jordan 1 releases, you don't usually have to worry about CRAZY long lines or outrageous prices ($130 for these) aka cop game NOT stressful. Furthermore, their black/grey colorway will go with pretty much all your sweltering summer fits and beyond. The Jordan 1 "Shadow" releases July 13 at select retailers.

Photos courtesy of Hypebeast 

  • Ron Simms Jr.

    funny cuz i definitely recall the royals being hard to cop..and the black toes…and i’m sure the breds will be a problem

  • joe. the king of splag.

    This site is the newest site on my fucking radar. What THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT the jordan Is aren’t hard to cop? Where the FUCK DO THESE EDITORS FIND THESE WRITERS? Look here prune balls. Where the fuck is your research? i thought you were a writer and not a dumbass. Ok Im sure youre not a dumb ass all the time. So don’t write like one next time.

    AND DON’T USE PUNCTUATION AGAINST ME EITHER FUCKO. It’s the internet…not a Language Arts MBA thesis. Do better with your articles.

  • KCKing

    Yeah dude buying Jordans, even online, is still difficult.