Cotton Is For Pussies

This right here is a wool barracuda by Golden Bear. A wool barracuda you say? Yup. This shit is clean, minimal and just what you need in your life because you want the cool, shorter cut of a barracuda, but cotton is for straight pussies. Sometimes UNIONMADE has me thinking everyone in San Francisco is walking around all fucking cool and whatnot, but then I remember it’s San Francisco and everyone probably looks kind of homeless. In a put together way sure, but still gross.

  • Dahveed

    Whoa whoa whoa, Four Pins not commenting on corduroy detailing? My mind was blown when I figured that shit out for myself instead of reading it.

    • Andrew So

      Word. It left me double-depressed that my pussified cotton Harrington has neither wool, nor corduroy.