BREAKING: Couples Switching Clothes Is Still Stupid

Ugh, you guys, I just can’t do this anymore. Remember a while back I made fun of a photo series that featured men wearing their girlfriend’s clothing? A few of you were like, “IF WOMEN WERE WEARING THEIR BOYFRIEND’S CLOTHES, YOU WOULDN’T HAVE A PROBLEM WITH IT WOULD YOU, YOU FUCKING FRAT BOY?” Well, actually, I would still make fun of it because I’m a miserable grump and I just find this whole trope exhausting. If I wanted to see dudes wearing lady’s clothing, I’d watch RuPaul and his friends because those motherfuckers know how to accessorize and accentuate their features. This? This shit is a project for your Intro Gender Studies class that you'd get a C- on. It should feature people with really disparate styles switching clothes. Like, seeing Wooster switch gear up with Doug Bilhmier would be interesting if one of those two dudes was a woman. Or how about, you know, actual stylish couples switching their gear up! Or, you know, not at all. How about you photographers just stick to taking photos of buildings at odd angles and exit signs and potted plants in the corner of rooms? CALL ME A PHILISTINE ALL YOU WANT, I JUST DON’T GET THIS GENRE OF PHOTOGRAPHY AND I OWN SEVERAL ISSUES OF HAMBURGER EYES. Let's meet the lucky couples...

  • Guest

    Guys look a lot better in women clothes.

  • bananahammock

    pretty lame, but somewhat entertaining. y u such a mad bitch?