Cresting For 30 Years

My dude, I know you just went to Footlocker and had a referee grab you a pair of Timbs in your size, but you may need to shelve them right quick. You can’t just hop on the Timbs wave that has been cresting for the past 30 years. I mean, that’s like me just now telling all my friends about how awesome that band Brand New is, you know? Instead, cop these Yuketens and wear them with some brand new denim. The denim will stain the uppers and make these joints look sick as fuck. Also, make sure when you wear them that you wrap the laces around your ankles at least one. Everyone knows that’s the cool kid way to wear your classic suede boots.

  • Tylor

    Brand New is a sick band though.

  • theneedledrap

    Light to decent 8

  • pittalo

    Hooray, Yuketen posted this article on their FB page! Now quick, ride on their dicks just a little bit more and they might give you guys a collab