The Crip That All The Other Crips Clown On

Wow, have you ever wanted to dress like a crazy weird Japanese version of a Crip? You know, like, the hippie vegetarian Crip that everyone else in the gang forces to C-walk and then makes fun for hours straight, while they send you to go pick up blunts and snacks. "MAKE SURE TO BRING BACK THE CHANGE, LAURENT." I feel like your name would be "Laurent" if you wore this shirt and tried to join the Crips. And after six months, you'd be like, "Guys, can you call me something cool instead? Like, 'T-Bone' or something?" But, of course, they'd all call you T-Boz just to keep fucking with you. What's the takeaway from this crazy tangent? Don't join the Crips. But do buy this visvim tunic if you have $800 just burning a hole in pocket of your blue Dickies.

  • Jason Woolcock

    $800 for a ladies blouse! April fools day was 17 days ago! Very funny though! Even though the model was probably being paid, I bet he couldn’t wait to get that blue bandana inspired table cloth of his back!

    • Dan

      you mad dawgie?

  • Jason Woolcock

    This is the problem with fashionistas! From time to time, you gotta stop & think! Shall I piss $800 away looking like a cunt or should I actually give this money to a good charitable cause? Trust me! The latter is far more rewarding! $800 table cloth blouse indeed! Dick wipes!