What’s A CrossFit?

These Reigning Champ terry sweatshorts are dope, but whatever you do, do not—I REPEAT—do not work out in these shits. You will have sweat stains in all the wrong places and you won't impress anyone at CrossFit with weird swamp ass stains. Also, can someone explain to me what a CrossFit is? Is it just that thing where girls use kettle bells to get bigger butts or nah? Anyways, the proper use for sweat shorts is to wake up at around 12:45 in the afternoon, do whatever is your drug of choice and then watch a little Maury and Ellen. Then, you pretty much call it a day after that. I mean, that's a full day right there. Maybe you'll head out with some coke white sneakers on and a jersey to grab some Totino's, but who knows. It's a Wednesday and you had a pretty hectic weekend.


    about wake up @ noon that terry cloth short life

  • nonewdome

    thanks Jon. laughed my ass of when i read this.

  • connor

    only prob with terry shorts be that you kinna look like that guy who walks into walmart wearin fubu ass jeans and holdin scissors, goes to the clothin section an leaves wearin sweatpant shorts.

    • Woofs Mackenzie

      You say that like it’s a bad thing

  • theneedledrap

    light to decent 8

  • Boogie

    I wear these all the time to the gym. Spandex underneath minimizes ass sweat seepage.