Cybering With Mr. Porter

Have you guys heard? It's Cyber Monday and Mr. Porter is having a sale and they’re kicking things off right! I’m talking about steals, people. Everything you could ever want for amazing prices. $3,700 Gucci bags are 30% off! That’s only $2,590! That’s nothing but a semester’s tuition at my unranked state school. Straight peasantry. Seriously, nothing says, “ I’m bringing metrosexual back” like a Gucci briefcase. High Fashion. Let's cyber!

  • MaG

    they’re sales be like more than one month’s rent in a GOOD upper east side apartment…wtf?! wait though…i’ll be on there eeeeryday straight stuntin,…soon you too JT. you. too.

  • Tjay

    Damn cuzz, all these prices combined plus tax cost more than my future college tuition. This high fashion lifestyle is no joke, my nig.

  • MaG

    word. straight up walking around with “will dance for clothes”, getting my jiggaboo on for some Gucci threads…smh