D.I.Y. Is Exhausting

Yo, how dope are these acid washed denim Vans Era's? Hopefully you're thinking, "Why yes Jake, they are in fact quite dope," because I just picked up the blue versions and need all of my decisions corroborated by the Internet lest I become a self-conscious shell of my former self. I bought these because I'm extremely passionate about D.I.Y. projects. Like any blogger with two hands, the idea of D.I.Y.-ing various shit like dip-dyed sweaters and bleached shorts excites me, but when push comes to shove the process really is just way too much of a production. I'd much rather buy shoes that look like I spent my Sunday on some suburban back deck, wearing paint splattered jeans and a beat up white tee, meticulously splashing bleach and indigo dye across some basic sneakers that cost $45. Even writing that was exhausting.

  • http://IsthisMenswear.com/ Is this Menswear.com

    hahahaahahahahahah yes!

  • Sjoerd Krijnen

    I actually like the brown/blacks more. Sawrry Jake!

  • J.P.

    Yo, I copped these a month ago. Where’s my job offer? AHEAD OF THE GAME, SON.

  • youngpadawon

    All of Jake’s articles makes me want to fucking punch him in his little spoiled ass face. pretentious little rich whitekid haha