Daft Punk’s “Instant Classic” T-Shirt

Nearly a year since Daft Punk dropped Random Access Memories, their critically acclaimed, Grammy-winning LP, I've come to the conclusion that it's a corny album. Maybe it's due to the fact that "Get Lucky" pounded the airwaves for months and months and months and left my ears fatigued by the shameless intentional pop hit, or because, in hindsight, whatever nostalgia I felt, no matter how fleeting, wasn't real since I wasn't even alive for this genre's heyday in the first place. All that aside, Daft Punk simply didn't go in hard enough on RAM. That they abandoned their signature sound in lieu of music for old white folks while parading it as some sort of "analog artistic journey" is wack. Be honest, are you still really listening to any of this disco ball laden bullshit?

Personal feels aside, the French duo just dropped this new T-shirt, featuring the LP's split helmet cover art. Of course, the promo is done up in a vintage style advertisement and, like the album itself, it's a hyper-literal homage to the late 1970's, down to the vague, hyperbolic copy. For me, it's hard to create an "instant classic" anything when the source material is so blatantly lifted from the past rather than re-interpreted for the present. Also, like, no vintage wash or fit? C'mon, Guy and Thomas. If you're gonna make an album so tinted by the past, why stop with the ad? Anyway, it looks pretty cool, I guess, and Pharrell is still the greatest, so there's that.

  • queb

    Pharrell isn’t still the greatest. His new album is shit. I have no doubt he could be capable of producing good material in the future but it would probably take a new Clipse album.

    • kingleeroi

      Pharrell’s the greatest. u just dun kno wut #music is

  • Mephisto

    If it was Kanye’s shirt, Woolf would write a massive thinkpiece about its brilliance

  • daft funk

    The faux 70’s advertising is spot on, but a little late right? Been like a year.
    And to Mr Wolf’s point, the album was soft and forgettable anyway.

  • geoff

    well fortunately thomas and guy-man dont give a fuck anyways as they said in their interview. they dont care how people react to it they just made something they’ve always wanted to make. plus, since this is four-pins and not beatport, you guys need to check out what they wear anyways. search daft punk lax airport in google images and you’ll see thomas has new balance c-notes