Your Daily Re-Affirmation That Good Looking Women Make Everything Better

We've basically said everything we'll ever need to say about Hypebeast's "Shoe Porn" series already, but damn, we couldn't resist sharing this second installment for the sheer booty, I mean, beauty of it all. ARE YOU EVEN LOOKING AT THIS SHIT RIGHT NOW? Cot damn. Forget sneakers, for real though. This smokeshow could be wearing Air Monarchs on her feet and I would still look at these pics for hours (read: seconds until a hotter girl or some cats came along). This is just your daily re-affirmation that good looking women make everything better including sneakers.

  • Giuliana Hazelwood

    This is so disrespectful I can’t even handle it. Legit open objectification of women.

    • Rupert Maynerd

      …said the ugly chick

    • J.B. weed carrier

      objects are cool, i respect my jordan’s more than i respect people that bitch online about shit

    • OK_ok

      lol this is AMERICA get with the fucking program.

  • Jack

    Kinda crazy how even after a great article by Ayesha A. Siddiqi stuff like this still pops up on the website.

    • Lawrence

      What’s waifish about this wifey, Jack?

  • booboobb

    Woolf was wondering if u wanted 2 chill this weekend…. also can i get guest list??

  • JB

    Her ass IS flat tho-