I remember back when Inventory was h(y)r Collective and bloggers went on factory tours instead of just Instagramming their brunches, S.N.S Herning was the fucking jam. Everyone would crowd around their tradeshow booth and be like, “Damn…knits.” I still actually like S.N.S. Herning and I’m just now kind of realizing that after all these years I may or may not have been calling it “S.N.S. Herring” which makes the company sound way more like a fishing boat than it really is. Instead of getting a super traditional sweater get this hoodie with the extra dope contrasting waffle knits. Waffle knits, like waffle fries, are superior beings when compared to their regular knit and fry brethren.

  • Nerd

    Look at these Japanese fuckin’ models trying to make me believe I’ll look as cool and Asian as them if I buy their edgy fishing garb. I won’t fucking fall for it, amigo-san.

  • Philip Oudshoorn

    Very cozy

  • theneedledrap

    decent to strong 8