Dedicated To That Life

Damn. Pen & Pixel are the fucking Gs of the album artwork game and now you can buy T-shirts with some of their greatest hits. Are you thinking, “Whatevs, Four Pins, I can make this shit on my own.”? You’re right, you could. But you pay people for shit you could make all the time. You seriously don’t think you could make a hamburger better than McDonald’s? Shit I’m half Chinese, my grandma owned a successful Chinese restaurant for several years, and I still buy orange chicken from Panda Express. So that whole argument is dispensed with. Instead, why don’t you just admit that by the time you’ve found a source image big enough to not get pixelated when you blow it up and find a screen printer that will print them despite copy right laws, they won’t be cool anymore. Shout out to anyone who owned the very rare Mercedes album. You were really dedicated to that life.



  • Frown Face Jones

    So, it’s been a couple weeks now…site is still totally whacky, but I noticed the Complex site is also completely fucked up…so you get hacked or something? I mean really…this aggression will not stand man. Someone in the building has to know a thing or two about the interwebs…

  • WAVY

    The B. Gizzle one is a no brainer

  • Guest

    Complex treats objects like women, meyn

  • MikeJones

    I always charge it 2 da game. Haircut? Charge it 2 da game. Groceries? Charge it 2 da game. Co-pay at the doctor? Charge it 2 da game brah.

  • Richard Le

    Pretty funny that all of these dudes write articles now trying to guess which hater is going to creep into the comments section…