Deerskin Technique

It's winter, which means it's time to let you know (for the thousandth time) that deerskin gloves are a Four Pins essential. I’m sure there are specific reasons to use deerskin instead of cowhide, but I don’t really care. I just know that when it comes to leather gloves, deerskin is the technique. Geier Gloves Co. makes all their gloves in Centralia, Washington. They come in full and half sizes, which means you can get a solid fit even if you have weirdly-sized hands. Technically, mittens are the warmest form of hand protection, but c’mon, we can’t be out here stunting with Grimace hands. And remember, the best reason to fight global warming is to preserve winter temperatures cold enough that allow for purchasing fly deerskin accessories.

  • McGlovin

    Look like yellow mickey mouse hands.
    I’d rather my hands be a little cold than wear cartoon gloves.

    Rock some driving gloves without the knuckle cut outs.

    That’s doable and less goof ball.