The Complete List Of The Coolest Guys Alive Who Dress Like Complete Shit

Herez weez goez. When it comes to cool guys who dress like total shit, I’ve got a chip on my shoulder so big it didn’t let me grow past 5’10. But I'm not bitter! Because now I get to talk about them on this website which makes me cooler than any of them—as evidenced by the last Tinder date I went on when this bia asked about my day job and I started telling her and right before she fell asleep I was like oh AND I write for THEE PINZ, at which point we took that Outback Steakhouse to go (told 'em, "Don’t even plate it.") Heavy lies the crown and whatnot. Yadda, yadda. Leggo my eggos. Let's send 'em up while taking 'em down.

Rick Morrison is a writer living in North Carolina. Follow him on Twitter here.

  • booboobb

    i saw Louis CK in soho with his daughter once. Dressed literally the exact same way he does on his show, except he had THE trendiest sunglasses on, honestly thru me off lol

  • Daniel Rautenbach
    • zane

      This for sayin this, I was gonna. Solid post Woolf, no sus.

    • TRILL BA$$

      Fuck I´m so disappointed right now. I LOLd so hard first time I saw that pic.


    Dude said “…I wonder if she’s really going to make me go to a normal barbershop the next day.”…p*ssy

  • George

    if you don’t want to look like issh check out


    Damn Bill Murray lookin like a damn fossil!!!

  • Guest

    There´s a rule though. When your fortune exceeds 100$ million dollars you´re allowed to dress like SHIT.

    Look it up, it´s in the same handbook that states you´re only allowed to wear sunglasses at night and indoors if you´ve won a grammy or been nominated to an Oscar.

  • TinieMel

    The fact that you used the one picture of Eminem where he is actually dressed decent SMH

  • FotoLogik Peter Parker

    Johnny Depp though?

    • Lou Reed

      yes. johnny depp. dude almost always looks like he rolled around in Keith Richard’s closet/garbage and decided to just rock whatever stuck. it’s not “haphazardly effortless”, it’s just sloppy.

  • Matthew Langley

    Your definition of “cool” is very different than mine.

  • Dante FuckYaself

    this is so stupid, unless you dress like a swag fag complex will think you dress like shit, half these people dress like normal people and most are wearing a suite which should be the benchmark for dressing well

  • Angelo

    fuck you for ripping on bill murray

  • Class A Rando

    Five things are wrong with Johnny Depp’s outfit at any given time, and four of them are scarves

  • Šimon Votava

    Eminem actually dresses cool.. Just because he does not wear same clothes like every fagot you know doesn’t mean he dresses awful. Many people love his style and want to dress like him, I dont think ”Marshall is too busy being angrier than a mosquito in a mannequin factory”.

    • Tommy Dennis

      you’re the only fool who wants to dress like shady

  • raputed dud

    hey you…whatever u are just don”t have right to talk about eminem dressing of u have billions of fans and god of something u also have some extra attitude in you u okkk so just doesn’t talk about his dressing mister whoever you are!!! i don’t know and don’t want too:-P :-B :-#

  • D

    I didn’t find anything wrong with half of the dress. Louis CK looks like a normal dude. Don’t say Eminem only wears hoodies when he’s not. Don’t say someone dresses like shit when they dress nicer than you like Chuck.

  • mekol

    man i guess u need a check on yo dictionary …. like u insane or smthin..?? eminem?? seriously … best awarded lunatic will b u ..

  • Gledis RapGod Shady

    are u kidding dude who the fuck say this .Omg EMINEM has is own style and i love it ,Complex magazine SUCKS