Not Designed By Your Five-Year-Old Nephew

Yo, I love Mason Marvin Marjella, but this rock necklace is fucking hilarious. THEY DON’T EVEN TELL YOU WHAT KIND OF ROCK IT IS AND IT COSTS $255! Can you imagine being the senior designer presenting this shit to the rest of the team at HQ? I know I’d be giving you the side eye hard as fuck when you pulled out a stupid rock and slapped it on a chain. In my head I’d totally be all, “My 5-year-old nephew did that already. SHIT'S PLAYED THE FUCK OUT, SON.” Clearly I am not cut out to design for MMM because this got green-lit and is actually for sale.

4 Responses to “Not Designed By Your Five-Year-Old Nephew”

  1. queb

    Don’t get why anyone would buy Margiela shit nowadays. That brand is on autopilot.

  2. nerd

    -MMM designer remembers design is due that day, has done no work.
    – grabs wife’s neclace, rips off jem.
    – grabs rock from gravel driveway
    – paints rock blue, drills hole in it
    – brings in rock on chain to show as design
    – MMM declares it “avant garde design” and “subtle sophistication”
    – MMM sells for money, broke nerds like me complain about it.


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